FLL City Shaper



With an infinite supply of plastic generated by the households of San Jose, did you know that San Jose’s green waste records 15 metric tons of plastic each day? Did you also know that 91% of this plastic is not recycled but instead ends up compressed in a landfill? If this trend continues, San Jose will run the risk of overflowing landfills. So the time to act is now!


So what can we do with household plastic? We learned that we could clean, shred and melt plastic, add it with the right proportion of bitumen to create highly durable, environmentally friendly, efficient driveways, park flooring, roads, and walkways. Per our research, the current cost of laying all the roads in the U.S. per year is 2 trillion dollars. However, the cost-effectiveness using shredded plastic mixed with bitumen saves the U.S. 700 dollars for every mile. In addition, these roads have zero cost of maintenance and are 100 % more durable. If we start implementing this model, the plastic going into landfills will be reduced by double digits.


This concept has been patented by professor Vasudevan in India. They have been implemented in India, Amsterdam, London, Africa, and most recently, the Philippines. We have also been encouraged by the recent news publication that the city of Los Angeles has been looking into making roads with recycled plastic. 


So why are we here? We are requesting your support to work with approved contractors in order to develop small strips of park flooring using the plastic bitumen mixture. Examples of these starter projects could be flooring under kids’ play areas, park parking lots, tennis and basketball courts, and bike racks. Respected members of the board, I urge you to act now. Because if we don’t, take a look at this picture. (Sperm Whale picture) This is a sperm whale washed up on the shores of the pacific with 200 pounds of plastic ingested. This will become an everyday reality, endangering our marine life as we know it. Our prototype helps keep plastic out of our landfills and oceans, and this is what us, the younger generation envisions the future.